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Knotweed Resveratrol

There are many forms of resveratrol used today to help in the anti-aging process. One of those forms is knotweed resveratrol. The knotweed is known as the Japanese knotweed grown abundantly in Japan. It can also be found in China, Korea, Canada, the UK, and in 39 of our 50 US states. Knotweed resveratrol is useful because the weed can be grown in any climate, and is found in so many places. This makes it easy to get when needed.

This antioxidant supplement works to neutralize free radicals, which are dangerous to have in the body because they are unstable molecules. Left untouched, they transform other molecules of the cell into free radicals as well, eventually leading to disruption of cellular activity. This can have a wide variety of harmful effects. If DNA molecules are damaged in key places, the cell may no longer know when to stop multiplying. This is how cancer can begin. Free radicals can also harm the mitochondria, which are energy-production sites of the cell, and this causes cells to die and thus advance the aging process. Free radicals can even lead to heart disease by damaging cells located within the walls of arteries. Luckily, resveratrol works as an antioxidant which stabilizes these dangerous free radicals, preventing them from causing further damage.

Grape seed extract, as the name suggests is derived by industrially processing whole grape seeds. The extracts are converted into capsules and tablets in concentrations of 50 and 100 mg and can be consumed orally. It is also available as a liquid concentrate that can be added to water and other drinks and consumed. Being an excellent antioxidant, grape seed extract improves metabolism, respiratory health and cardiovascular health by strengthening the artery lining and capillaries. Grape seed extracts are believed to be active in inhibiting HIV virus replication. Preliminary research has proved that grape seed extract has many other anti-disease properties like wound healing, tooth decay, prevents osteoporosis, skin cancer and also damage to the skin by exposure to ultraviolet rays. Grape seed extract improves mental alertness, thus preventing senility in old age.

Resveratrol is the ingredient in red wine that is credited for being responsible for fighting aging with it’s antioxidant properties, cancer, and even heart disease. Eastern cultures use resveratol to treat disease that attach the liver, blood vessels and the heart. Now everyone can buy resveratrol to help treat their ailments or to use as preventative medicine to keep dangerous diseases from infecting their precious organs.

The grapes that have the highest resveratrol concentration are the dark red skinned and then the purple skinned. They have much more resveratrol in them than the green grapes.

Anti ageing resveratrol is truly the number one supplement available. Who doesn’t want to look younger and be healthier?

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