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Vaginal Mesh Complications Impact Greatly On Women

            Recent research revealed that almost $27 billion was the total cost associated with the problem of urinary incontinence. This amount comprises the costs of surgeries, medications, absorbent pads, and contraptions such as the vaginal mesh device.  Higher costs for these devices are foreseen due to the impact of the medical device tax which was started this year.

            Very clearly, this condition has been affecting thousands of Americans financially. According to the same report, a person suffering from urinary incontinence is spending an estimated $800 annually. This amount covers medications, absorbent pads, laundry services and related expenses. Not included in this figure are the costs needed for the surgical procedures in order to treat their conditions.

            While a number of women can avail of health benefits, a majority of those experiencing incontinence who opt for surgical measures will have to pay all expenses from their own pockets. Expenses for such procedures may include doctor’s fees, medications, hospital charges, and costs of vaginal mesh devices which may really burden one’s family.

            One can just imagine what it feels for a woman, already burdened with expenses, to have to undergo additional surgeries for the purpose of removing the vaginal mesh. These women may have to undergo numerous operations and worse, there is no guarantee that they will be relieved of the complications. There have been reports that even after ten surgeries; these women still feel the pains and other complications.

            It has been estimated that at least one-third of all women who had vaginal mesh surgeries will have to undergo revision operations or mesh excision. Since 2005 there have been thousands of women who underwent vaginal mesh surgery on the recommendation of their doctors which means that the number who may require mesh excision may be very staggering.

            These revision surgeries may be very difficult and complicated and only a handful of surgeons in the country are believed to be qualified to perform such an operation. Patients have been asked to pay exorbitant rates due to these circumstances.

            Huge advantages of women from well-to-do families are enjoyed over the other victims since they have the funds for the revision surgeries and they can avail of the services of qualified doctors from far-off areas. Women of lesser means are at a disadvantage since they have to cope with what is available to them. And the alternative left to these women is to have an operation under an inexperienced surgeon which in most cases is like being in an experiment.

            Looking at it in a financial standpoint, one can readily understand the concern of these women. Notwithstanding the money aspect, the pains, sufferings, misery and the impact on their lives brought about by these complications are enough reason for these women to be infuriated.





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