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Diabetes Vitamins

The clinical manifestation of diabetes tends to manifest much later than the situation occurs in your body, diabetes vitamins it is recommended to have your blood sugar levels identified timely. Diabetes type 1 can be controlled with physical exercise, insulin and a balanced diet. Diabetes type 2 is first treated with weight control, a diabetic diet and exercise.

There are three types of diabetes, which are; type 1 diabetes caused by the body failing to produce insulin and this require the person with this type to inject insulin in the body this type is diagnosed by both adults and children , type 2 is when the cells fails to respond or to use the insulin as required, mostly it is found in those with obesity because the fats in their tissues causes imbalance of the insulin in the body, the third type is called gestational diabetes this is mostly found in pregnant women when their blood glucose level is high but only during pregnancy. Reversing diabetes is quite possible and achievable.

Below are some symptoms of diabetes and preventive measures on how to cure the disease: weight loss, feeling hungry regularly, fatigue, extremely dry skin, sores which are slow to heal, urinating frequently, numbness in hands or feet, poor circulation of blood resulting to swelling of the body, excessive thirst, sleepless nights.

Although the condition may not be completely cured, there are numerous natural diabetes treatment to reverse its side effects and to bring the condition under control. One of the major natural diabetes treatment is about the foods that we eat. There are certain diets which if followed religiously can help to bring diabetes under control. These include the vegetarian beans, the Moroccan stew and the low-fat guacamole. Wheat and whet products are also good such as pancakes and pilaf.

diabetes type II occurs most commonly in people older than 30 years old who are obese the main goal of diabetes treatment is to normalize insulin activity and blood glucose level to reduce the development of vascular naturopathic complications they are five component of diabetes management nutritional management, exercise, monitoring, pharmacologic therapy, education. Nutritional therapy is the corner stone of care for the person with diabetes the goals of nutritional management includes providing all the essential food constituents necessary for optimal nutrition, meeting energy needs, achieving and maintaining reasonable weight preventing, wide daily fluctuations in the blood glucose levels, decreasing serum lipid levels, if elevated to reduce the risk of macro vascular.

A natural diabetes cure is the same type of diet that is recommended for everyone. It is highly recommended to limit or completely eliminate simple carbohydrates from your diet. Eat complex carbohydrates because it takes a while for the body to break them down and will less likely cause your body to spike. Make sure you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables in order to get good nutrients for your body. The best type of diabetes cure is prevention.

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