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Resveratrol Grape Juice

The red or purple grape juice is beneficial to avoid various heart diseases. The grape juice relaxes your blood vessels. Thus the blood flow through the vessels becomes easy. The dark red and purple grapes have an antioxidant property which retards the activities of the free harmful and poisonous free radicals. Another important resveratrol is also present in the grape juice. Resveratrol grape juice has an antioxidant property, especially present in the juice prepared from the dark purple concord grapes.

Especially in a day and age where healthcare is so expensive and the treatments for these critical diseases are so costly and time consuming being able to buy resveratrol is an inexpensive alternative to dealing with doctors. Instead of filling yourself with all kinds of supplements that claim to help, why not buy resveratrol which has been proven to work. Should the French be the only ones reaping the benefits of this miracle drug?

A mega-dose of Resveratrol is considered any amount above 500 mg/day. At this dosage, certain side effects were noted, including, but not limited to: anxiety, anemia, Achilles heel, blood thinning, and numbness in the extremities. There is further research to indicate that high Resveratrol dosage can restrict the absorption of folic acid, a vital B vitamin important to DNA repair. Those capsules claiming higher activation of the DNA repair gene should be used with caution as lab studies concluded that a higher activation of this gene can result in heart failure.

The phytoalexin that is the base of resveratrol pill is also proved to lower blood sugar levels while giving you many cardiovascular benefits from this supplement intake. The study using this substance with diabetic rats shows that resveratrol helps balance out the levels of blood glucose, glycosylated hemoglobin, plasma insulin and helps to level the activity of enzymes that are responsible for the metabolizing of carbohydrates inside the liver. The kidney tissue also showed signs of improvement after the administration of the studied substance.

Resveratrol has received much positive press. From special reports on 60 Minutes, Barbara Walters, Oprah Winfrey, and the cardiovascular surgeon, Dr. Oz, many people have seen the positive effects of this amazing substance. Many want to take resveratrol for the anti-aging benefits alone. Others are attracted by the weight loss properties, glucose and cholesterol lowering effects, and cancer fighting properties. The resveratrol source is important for these benefits to be realized.

I could go on forever listing the benefits of red wine. The benefits of resveratrol are the same. Everything from improved stamina to delaying the aging process. Research the media yourself to find the benefits of resveratrol. Once you are convinced of the benefits, go to WINE-RX at http:winerx.org

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