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Resveratrol Grape Juice

The red or purple grape juice is beneficial to avoid various heart diseases. The grape juice relaxes your blood vessels. Thus the blood flow through the vessels becomes easy. The dark red and purple grapes have an antioxidant property which retards the activities of the free harmful and poisonous free radicals. Another important resveratrol is also present in the grape juice. Resveratrol grape juice has an antioxidant property, especially present in the juice prepared from the dark purple concord grapes.

Grape seed extract has been shown to have positive effects on people who suffer from varicose veins and diabetic retinopathy. The extract seems to have a blood thinning effect making circulation easier. You must be careful if you are taking a blood thinning medication because grape seed extract resveratrol can and will increase their blood thinning effects.

Scientific research has proven that a regular dosage of reservatrol gave mice and rats a 20-50 percent longer life expectancy. The substance has been tested as a cure for inflammation, high blood sugar, cancer, other cardiovascular illnesses and problems caused by high caloric intake diets. The dosage proven to protect the mice and rats would be far too high for any human being. It is equivalent to a person drinking 300 glasses of red wine each day. That’s a lot of alcohol and could cause a reverse affect in cardiovascular and blood sugar problems. It could also very quickly cause a persons liver to fail.

The main benefit of resveratrol grapes and supplements that contain them are associated with the aging process and with preventing disease. DNA, genetics, and cell damage are all positively affected by them. DNA can be repaired and this helps fight aging in our cells.

This antioxidant supplement works to neutralize free radicals, which are dangerous to have in the body because they are unstable molecules. Left untouched, they transform other molecules of the cell into free radicals as well, eventually leading to disruption of cellular activity. This can have a wide variety of harmful effects. If DNA molecules are damaged in key places, the cell may no longer know when to stop multiplying. This is how cancer can begin. Free radicals can also harm the mitochondria, which are energy-production sites of the cell, and this causes cells to die and thus advance the aging process. Free radicals can even lead to heart disease by damaging cells located within the walls of arteries. Luckily, resveratrol works as an antioxidant which stabilizes these dangerous free radicals, preventing them from causing further damage.

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