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Landmark Decision On Vaginal Mesh Lawsuits Made In California

In what may be   considered a landmark decision in US jurisprudence, California couple Christine Scott and her husband were awarded $5.5 million in damages for the injuries they suffered as a result of the implantation of transvaginal mesh device. This development has been greeted by many complainants who have pending cases against transvaginal mesh manufacturers. This development has made other women reflect on the idea of filing individual lawsuits similar to Scott’s.


C.R. Bard was found by the jury to be negligent in the handling of the devices based on a decision handed down in July 2012. Bard officials knew or should have known that the surgeons performing the procedures may not realize the potential risks posed by the implant was also stressed by the court. For the medical expenses incurred and the pain and suffering they had been subjected to, Scott was awarded $ 5 million in damages and $500,000 for her husband for the loss of consortium with his wife.


One cannot help but wonder if this amount or any amount for that matter is sufficient enough for the pain, anguish, and humiliation she had to endure for the past four years and will have to face in the coming years notwithstanding the recent triumph in court. Scott had the transvaginal mesh implanted in January of 2008 for the treatment of urinary incontinence. Side effects and later major complications were experienced by Scott when the mesh started eroding into her colon and tissue growing through the holes of the mesh very soon after the surgical procedure.


She related in her account that every day she had to deal with multiple complications. Vaginal scarring, intense pelvic pain, infections, organ perforations, and painful intercourse were the side effects and complications she had to endure. She had to undergo eight surgical procedures just to correct these serious problems brought about by the faulty vaginal mesh devices. Even after these operations, her condition has not gotten any better and she may have to endure further surgeries in the future.


According to Christine, doctors are not sure of her condition that she does not know whether she has to undergo 10 or a hundred more surgeries. At the moment she has to cope with her situation and make the most of what is available to alleviate her suffering. She has a hard time sitting down due to the pains in her legs and to relieve this, she is getting CT scan nerve block shots in her buttocks.


The continued support of her husband and that of the support group around her has given her reason to be optimistic of the future in spite of the depressing situation. For the thousands of women suffering from vaginal mesh complications, she is determined to be an advocate especially now with the case over.






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