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Quick And Easy Methods To Get Vaginal Related Relief

Here are a few home remedies to deal with itching, burning and low level discomfort without drugs.

Yeast infection

The symptoms: thick white discharge, burning and itching

What to try from the kitchen: Apply a cold compress for some relief. Wrap a bag of frozen peas or an ice pack in a shirt or towel before applying. Apply plain yogurt containing live acidophilus to your vulva. What to try from the store: If you do not need to address the mess, you can insert acidophilus capsules.

What to avoid: Sugar and alcohol (both will actually feed the yeast and help them grow) and non-cotton undies (your vagina has to breathe). Yeast infection drugs. They make the situation worse in the long run.

Irritant rash

The symptoms: Itching, burning and swelling of the vulvar skin What to try from the kitchen: Crisco, an emollient lubricant, may give your sore skin some relief (be certain to try it with a non-scented panty liner).

What to avoid: Hot baths. Theyll simply make you itchier.

Urinary passage infection (UTI)

The symptoms: A common and driving requirement to pee (but little piss basically comes out) and burning. If its early on and a mild case, you can flush a UTI out of your system without an antibiotic,says Greenwald.

What to try from the kitchen: Drink plenty of water. No-one with a UTI wants to go to the lavatory as it hurts so terribly, but drinking water dilutes the pee so that you can actually go. Cranberry can be useful too. It acidifies the urinary passage, which can help moderate the quantity of bacteria there. Just be certain you are drinking 100-percent cranberry juice, not a sweet cranberry cocktail.

What to try from the store: You'll be able to find cranberry pills that are just as effective as juice – just be sure to keep drinking tons of water.

What to avoid: Caffeine

When to get help: Any fever, flank pain or blood in the piss means you must seek help immediately. A UTI can change into a kidney infection if left untreated.

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