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Getting To Know Various Causes Of Infertility

The 21st century changed a lot of old belifs and traditions, but some still manage to be followed to this very day.As fathering or mothering a child is a natural part of any person’s development, it is time and again taken for granted. No one ever really knows how to deal with infertility, especially when other factors are added to the mix, such as social stigma. So it is normal to think about what might cause this sort of thing to happen. A man and a woman actually face the same risk of infertility and sometimes the causes may be unkown or very difficult to find.

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Ovulation disorders are the many frequent causes of infertility among females, namely: thyroid problems, premature ovarian failing, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) in which case eggs cannot be produced by the ovaries, hormonal imbalances, different chronic illnesses affecting ovulation like AIDS and cancer and Cushing’s condition.

Alternative causes are associated to structural abnormalities that can be caused by: scars due with operations and infections in the pelvic area, growths like fibroids or non-cancerous tumors, and endometriosis or uterine lining cells growing in fallopian tubes. These growths and scars block the fallopian tubes that make it difficult for eggs or ova to pass through.

Found on the different hand, the well-known causes of infertility for males are associated to having abnormal semen that results to: low sperm count or reduced amount of spermatozoa or slow movement of sperm due with structural deformities. Infertility might also be caused by bodily abnormalities within the testes or testicles. Some possible reasons for deformities are: congenital or abnormalities at birth; scarring brought by surgery, infections and accidents; abnormal growths like tumors; obstructions in the testicular tubules.

There are equally situations of infertility of unidentified causes. These type can be attributed with some ecological factors or the interplay of some factors of uncertain repercussions. Abusive lifestyle, unhealthy diets, excessive or low weights, exposure with radiation, strain and additional dangerous chemicals are only a few of these factors. The effects of these factors are the easiest to control and should be controlled to avoid infertility.

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