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Diabetes Food

Diabetes is the natural causing death in the United States. A lot of people that have diabetes are not even aware that they can minimize their health problems with diabetes. When living with diabetes it is best to research more about it. There are a lot of different approaches people take to improve their health with the disease.

Certain herbs and vitamins like cinnamon and chromium can stabilize blood sugar levels and help prevent the large swings that can be caused by diabetes. Cinnamon is helpful because it allows our body to process sugar more effectively. Having cinnamon in the morning over toast or oatmeal can be a effective diabetes natural cure. There are also cinnamon capsules for those who have a hard time getting enough. Chromium has been shown to stop sugar cravings as well as leveling our sugar levels.

Although the condition may not be completely cured, there are numerous natural diabetes treatment to reverse its side effects and to bring the condition under control. One of the major natural diabetes treatment is about the foods that we eat. There are certain diets which if followed religiously can help to bring diabetes under control. These include the vegetarian beans, the Moroccan stew and the low-fat guacamole. Wheat and whet products are also good such as pancakes and pilaf.

Diabetes 2 can literally affect everyone; from the young to the elderly. Those who stand the highest risk of succumbing to the disease are the overweight- the high fat content in their bodies greatly reduces the body’s ability to maximize the secreted insulin. Type ii diabetes cannot escape thin persons particularly the elderly. This type of diabetes can also get into you if it had or has been diagnosed in some of your family members before. It is a disease that can be genetically transferred. Other risk factors include high blood pressure, poor diet and low level activity.

Exercise is extremely important in managing diabetes type II because it lowers the bled glucose levels by increasing the up take of the glucose by body muscles and by improving insulin utilization people with diabetes should excursive at the time and in the same amount each day a slow gradual increase in the excursive period is encouraged.

Type 1 diabetes is a non reversing diabetes because it is caused by the person’s pancreas not producing insulin at all and the only way to manage it is by injecting insulin, by pancreas transplantation surgery that is done to restore glucose regulation although considered by many reversing diabetes physicians to be very dangerous, lastly there is islet transplantation which is commonly used today, whereby beta cell are replaced by injecting islet cells into the patient’s liver.For the other two types of diabetes you can reverse if the patient follow the advice given in this article.

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