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Health Benefits Of Resveratrol Wines

There have been numerous clinical trials done on red wine showing that it provides a lot of health benefits. One of the reasons for this is that red wine contains Resveratrol. These Resveratrol wines have been nicknamed the fountain of youth because it is a very strong antioxidant that acts as an anti-aging remedy. Resveratrols have actually been show to have the same effect on a persons life span as a reduced calorie diet does. This is actually the number one reason why so many people drink Resveratrol wines today.

Even if you do not consume a diet of high fatty foods, you may have a history of heart problems like high cholesterol, and are looking for a preventative measure. Resveratrol grape seed may help you gain some longevity and this is what most people are looking for. Resveratrol can also help you to look and feel young. No one should feel old, especially if the numbers are young. You can use resveratrol to help you look and feel young and refreshed.

Many studies have been done recently and it has been proven that with the proper diet and supplements we could all very well live into our second century and do it with the energy of someone much younger. Research being done presently is to determine how resveratrol can increase longevity and decrease the occurrences of certain age related diseases. If this can be done, (which research is looking favorably at) then the aging process can be slowed. It has been proven for years that lower caloric intakes trigger a survival gene that allows 80 year olds to have the health of 50 year olds. With further research this and anti ageing resveratrol, studies will be able to prevent or at least delay the beginning of deadly diseases and would have a great effect on the quality and longevity of human life.

A mega-dose of Resveratrol is considered any amount above 500 mg/day. At this dosage, certain side effects were noted, including, but not limited to: anxiety, anemia, Achilles heel, blood thinning, and numbness in the extremities. There is further research to indicate that high Resveratrol dosage can restrict the absorption of folic acid, a vital B vitamin important to DNA repair. Those capsules claiming higher activation of the DNA repair gene should be used with caution as lab studies concluded that a higher activation of this gene can result in heart failure.

The benefits of red wine have been suspected for centuries by countries where this drink is an important part of every meal. Recent scientific research has confirmed what Mediterranean countries have been telling us: that regular consumption of red wine can change lives, improving health and adding to the quality of life. This is because red wine contains a compound known as Resveratrol. Many people need the benefits of this wonder compound, but for whatever reason cannot or do not want to consume large quantities of red wine. For these people, Resveratrol capsules hold the key to a healthy life. With Resveratrol capsules, you can get all the benefits of red wine with none of the intoxication or hangovers.

Although Reservatrol has not been proven to cause a longer life expectancy for human beings or to protect against cardiovascular problems and other illnesses, it still has many advantages. Many people believe that taking a dosage will extend your life and attribute to better health. Visit http://winerx.org for a highly recommended reservatrol supplement called WINE-RX and try it for yourself today.

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