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Argan Oil: The New Frizz-Fighter In Town

Argan oil is the new talk of the town. It’s one of the most sought-after natural products in the market. Hailed as a wonder oil for the body, everyone’s out to understand what it can essentially do.

Everybody wants to look fab so we do such a lot of things to our hair to achieve that “it-girl” look. We use countless hair products and experiment with a lot of styles, much to the detriment of our hair’s natural healthy state. Therefore obviously, we end up with an unhealthy head of hair that looks as lifeless as hair on a corn cob. Let the “golden oil” of Morocco rescue you from hair distress.

Moroccan argan oil is an all-natural oil that is famous for its nutritive, medical and cosmetic benefits. It is traditionally produced by the Berber girls in Morocco using their bare hands. The cropped green nuts are stripped off their soft pulp and then dried under the sun. When they are dried, the nuts are then cracked open using stones to get rid of the seeds. The seeds are then roasted to give a rich, nutty flavor to the oil. A bit of water is then added to the roasted seeds to make a thick paste. This paste is then squeezed by hand to remove the oil. It takes almost 12 hours per day for the Berber women to extract a litre of this valued oil. These days machines are utilized particularly for the nut cracking and oil extraction parts of the entire process. This makes big production attainable. This oil has a lifespan of about just 3 to 6 months. These complex extraction methods and short life makes the oil expensive and rare.

What can this wonder oil do to our dull, damaged hair? When used as a treatment, this oil in its pure form can restore the natural shine and luster of your hair, making your locks silky and shiny without feeling greasy.

How to use? You can use it as a treatment to replace your typical hot oil treatment. Just warm it up, apply on your scalp and hair stands and leave for approximately 30 minutes. After that, wash usually and towel dry.

In styling, simply apply a touch to wet or damp hair and disburse evenly. Style as always. To take control of frizz, put one or two drops on your palm and smooth over hair as needed.

You can also use it as a supplement for your daily conditioner. Let them work in tandem.

With continued regular use, results start to be noticed in as short as a month. You’ll see your unhealthy, frizzy, damaged and lackluster hair bounce back to life. It’s an all-natural product so don’t ever need to worry about side-effects.

Argan oil will only cost a few dollars of your hard-earned cash. In reality, it costs quite more than other its oil contemporaries, but all of the benefits you can derive from it is worth each penny you spend. Say bye to your hair drama NOW!

If you are also happy to have discovered argan oil and would like to incorporate it into your cosmetic routine now is the perfect time to come to our web site. Know the numerous argan oil benefits and live naturally.

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