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What Is Music Therapy?

What is music therapy: Defining music therapy is a little trickier than it might seem. Music therapy is just one of a number of expressive therapies that are used to help guide a client from pain and suffering to happiness. While the obvious tool of the practice is music, there are a number of ways that music can be used to help a particular client.

According to the American Music Therapy Association, music therapy is a therapy in which goals are set for the client and music is used to achieve these goals.

The actual process for the therapy can vary from client to client, depending on their needs and the severity of their problems.

The therapy needs to be administered by a licensed and trained professional in a clinical setting, but can also be used outside of the office with the guidance of the therapist.

There are a number of areas that music therapy can help to develop:

– Self awareness
– Cognitive development
– Social skills
– Motor skills
– Physical rehabilitation
– Spiritual awareness

Music therapy works along with traditional therapies as well to increase the ability of the patient to solve their internal and external struggles.

Some more traditional therapists will also employ music therapy techniques when it seems as though the client will respond to this type of communication more favorably than in talk therapy.

Music therapy can be the go between in the conversation between a therapist and the client.

Instead of placing all of the emphasis on the thoughts of the client, the music can speak for them or it can simply allow them to feel more at ease with talking about their feelings with their therapist.

Music therapy as one of the most accepted alternative therapies is appropriate for all ages, making it an ideal therapy for nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and day care centers and rehabilitative facilities.

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