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Kegel Exercises Recognized As First-Line Treatment For SUI

Pelvic floor muscle training (PFMT) or known also as Kegel exercise has been recognized as one of the most effective and safest methods in managing stress urinary incontinence (SUI), medical experts say, citing results of various clinical trials. Along with lifestyle and behavioral adjustments, this approach has in fact been considered as the first-line therapy for this very common pelvic floor disorder.


An American gynecologist by the name of Dr. Arnold Kegel developed these exercises in 1948 after searching for a solution in treating urinary incontinence in women. He came up with this method of treatment after observing that urinary incontinence in women happens after the pelvic floor muscles were stressed during pregnancy and child birth.


The pelvic floor muscles, which are located between the legs that run from the pubic bone at the front to the base of the spine at the back, are responsible for holding up the bladder and the urethra. With these muscles that support the urinary organs, a woman may be allowed to control the release of urine. When these muscles are weakened or damaged due to various causes, support of the different organs may be affected resulting to pelvic floor disorders such as SUI and pelvic organ prolapse (POP).


Restoring the strength of the pelvic floor muscles in order to provide the necessary support to the pelvic floor organs particularly the bladder and the urethra is the objective of Kegel exercises. These exercises also allow the woman the ability to tighten properly the pelvic floor muscles before pressure is increased in the abdomen when laughing, coughing, lifting, and other activities that may trigger urine leakage.


Doing this type of pelvic floor muscle training is actually very simple, may be done any time of the day, and does not involve any special equipment. A few minutes a day which may be broken down to two or three sessions are all that is required. Kegel exercises have been known to be practiced while sitting down in front of the television, lying in bed, and even in a standing position. While working in the office or when stuck in traffic during the rush hours, one may even perform these exercises.


Identifying the right muscles, doing the proper way of contracting these muscles, and alternating between slow and fast contractions, are the important things to remember when doing Kegel exercises. While this may be learned on your own, it would be best to have the guidance of a therapist or from your healthcare provider. Should you decide to learn on your own, you may choose from a number of sources found online.


It has been proven that learning these exercises has helped countless women who have been suffering from SUI. This has allowed them to be spared from more drastic measures such as vaginal mesh surgeries. As a result of using these mesh implants, thousands of women have experienced severe complications.


These have resulted to serious injuries prompting these women to file vaginal mesh lawsuits against various mesh manufacturers. These lawsuits have involved a number of companies with the latest defendant identified as Neomedic, with vaginal mesh lawsuits pending in eight federal courts.







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