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Undoing The Consequences Of Pregnancy With Breast Lifts

Breast lift involves lifting and reshaping the breasts and positioning the nipple/areola to the ideal location on the breast. In plastic surgery the term for this surgery is Mastopexy.Patients may need breast lifts due to a range of factors. These can often include being born with torpedos that are droopy, torpedos that fall after significant weight reduction, and likely most commonly, breasts that sag and fall in size after one or two children. As a general rule the funbags get more droopy and smaller with each pregnancy that the ma has. The doctor's term for drooping is ptosis.

The good news is that there are some glorious procedures that can reverse these changes and create beautiful breasts. This correction may involve simply a breast lift alone or a breast lift combined with a breast augmentation.

Who are candidates? The patient alone can decide if their knockers position or shape is an issue for them and want to improve or change the overall shape and contour. The degree of breast lifting can be fairly minor or involve serious re-contouring. The breast enhancement is usually done with a Mastopexy so as to make up for lost volume, in fact most girls who have lost volume (their funbags have become smaller) opt to have their breasts augmented to a size that could be larger than the size they at first were, before they were pregnant.

Depending on the degree of breast drooping there are a number of different breast lift MD systems that can be adapted to what it is the patient’s looking to reach and what their present breast shape needs. The lift may very well involve only incisions round the areola (this is known as a circumareolar Mastopexy). This works rather well for breasts that need minimum lifting.

The most common procedure that I perform involves an incision that goes around the areola and then straight down to the inframammary fold. Some call this a lollypop Mastopexy, as the cuts and scars resemble that of a lollypop (the particular name for this operation is a circumvertical Mastopexy). The Mastopexy that's critical to correct the best degree of sagging is known as a full Mastopexy, which involves cuts around the areola, down to the inframammary fold, and then along the inframammary crease.

Glaringly an experienced Cosmetic Surgeon will use the most simple technique that will allow the mandatory enhancements. In my practice, in which I have done over fourteen-hundred breast lifts, I always am hunting for the surgery that will allow the best result with the absolute minimum amount of scars.

If breast enlargement is done at the same time, it is critical the breast augmentation be done first. This is because the degree of breast lifting and skin resection will be altered by the tits being made bigger. In addition, it's almost not possible in most patients, to pinpoint the right size of the implant for the boob enlargement, due to the fact the boobs are drooping and don't exactingly show the size of the breast. This is because of the fact that the breast implant and the breast tissue aren't in the same place.

Not all San Diego Plastic Surgeons perform the surgery in the fashion I do. I'm assured however that in my hands this gives the very best result. The surgery is done with a pocket created for the breast augmentation made and an implant sizer placed in the pocket. At this point the skin is stapled together in a fashion that approximates the degree and sort of breast lift that will be done. Then the patient is set up by elevating the back of the operating room table. My nurses and I inspect the patient in regards to breast size, the degree of lift, and the predicted position of the nipple. In this way not only can the correct size of the implant be determined. Simultaneously, the breast lift and the degree of skin resection may also be properly evaluated without burning any bridges. Once the right size and the right degree of breast lift with perfect nipple positioning is determined, the tacking staples are removed after meticulously marking the staple positions. The breast augmentation is then completed with the proper size implant and the permanent implant placed. Then, following the marks of the tacking staples, the breast lift is then performed.

Breast lift may be performed by itself or in conjunction with breast augmentation Chevy Chase MD and the inserting of breast implants.

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