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5 Superfoods To Add To Your Weight Loss Eating Plan

If you’re getting all ready to get going on a weight loss diet plan, one thing that many people will likely be doing is counting calories.  You fully understand that in order to burn body fat, you must consume fewer calories than you burn off each day and that’s true, as such, you’re tallying up everything you eat and making sure that you hit your target.
But, one thing that many people forget as they go about this process is that it’s not just the calories that count, but where these calories are coming from that matters most.

As the owner of The Fit Stop – personal training st kilda, one of the first things we explain to our personal training clients is that the food choices that you make each day are going to have a significant influence on whether you lose weight in the first place, it will also determine if you lose fat mass or lean muscle mass (which you definitely don’t want!) not to mention how you feel and function as well.

Since you don’t just want a body that looks great but you want a body that’s as healthy as possible as well, food selection becomes imperative.

The following are five wonderful superfoods that you must make sure you’re not leaving out. If these aren’t entering your weekly menu plan at some point, it’s time to get incorporate them in. 

Let’s have a look at 5 of your must-have super foods.


Topping our list of superfoods that you must be eating are flaxseeds.  Flaxseeds are extremely healthy as they’re a concentrated source of omega fatty acids, high in fiber, and even offer a small dose of protein.
They are slightly more calorie dense given that they have that fat in there, so you will want to measure how much you use, but don’t let this deter you.  Two tablespoons a day is a perfect way to help meet your omega-fat requirement and they’ll work perfectly sprinkled over yogurt, oatmeal, or mixed into a protein smoothie.

Wild Salmon

Moving along, another superfood that you must make sure you’re taking in is wild salmon.  Salmon is rich in protein and also very high in healthy fats at the same time.  The healthy fats found in salmon are going to help support brain and heart health and will also increase your insulin sensitivity.
This means when you do consume carbs in your diet, there’s a better chance they’ll be used for fuel rather than getting converted to body fat.


Next we come to blueberries.  While all berries are a great addition to your day, blueberries really shine for their antioxidant content.  They’re also very high in fiber and relatively low in calories, so easy to add in while keeping your calorie intake under control.
Blueberries work great in many different ways so consider adding them to protein shakes, mixing them into oats, or just enjoying them alone as a sweet treat to cure your cravings.


On the vegetable side of things, broccoli really stands out from the rest.  This vegetable is also very rich in antioxidants and provides excellent cancer-prevention support.  Broccoli is also high in fiber and incredibly low in calories, so you really can eat as much as you’d like without it influencing your body weight.
Broccoli is also very rich in vitamin C, K, and A, making it a nutrient powerhouse.


Finally, don’t overlook quinoa (pronounced Keen-wah). This hearty grain is a complete source of protein, so perfect for those who don’t get enough meat regularly or for those who are vegetarian. As a St Kilda personal trainer we have many clients who are vegetarian so finding ‘animal friendly’ protein sources is always handy. Quinoa packs in plenty of fiber as well, so won’t produce the blood sugar spike other carbs will. Quinoa is also quite high in protein for a grain, which is an added bonus and makes it great for vegetarians.

So there you have 5 great superfoods that you need to be eating.  Are you missing out on any of these? What are some or your favourite superfoods you’d like to add to the list?

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