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Panic Attack: Tips For Putting The Joy Back In Your Life

Panic attacks are terrible things. They make everything seem so much worse than they actually are. They are terrible to live and deal with, on a daily basis. There is help available though, so don’t worry. The words in this article contain some useful information that can help you treat your panic attacks.

Find something that you can do that calms you down. Knitting, reading a book, even baking can be great hobbies you can do that will help you relax yourself when you feel a panic attack coming. These should be things you can do when you feel the panic attack starting to come about or when you’ve already started having a panic attack.

Panic attacks are terrifying because the person experiencing them has the sudden overwhelming fear that they are going to die. The important thing to remember about panic attacks is that you can control them cognitively. Your brain is taking normal everyday stimuli (a shift in the road while driving, for example), and interpreting them in a fearful way. You can course-correct this fearful interpretation by trying to recall what the source of that stimulus could be. This will reduce your fear and your panic should subside somewhat.

When you are feeling well, make a list of the things that you fear might happen to you when you have a panic attack. Next to each item, jot down something that will calm or relieve that fear. Keep the list easily accessible, so the next time you have a panic attack, you can use it as a reassurance to help you calm down.

Learning to accept your anxiety and panic attacks can be one of the hardest steps in recovery. You have to understand that you are NOT your anxiety, and that it doesn’t have to control you. Once you are able to truly believe this you’ll also be able to move forward and live a peaceful life.

Try not to overwork yourself physically or mentally or you could find yourself in the midst of a panic attack. Take every situation slowly and plan it out before you tackle it, so you can schedule in little bits of work, instead of having to do it all at the last minute.

Avoid alcohol. Alcohol is a natural depressant and disrupts the sugar levels in your blood, so it can be a trigger for panic attacks as well as making panic attacks worse. If you really want to have a drink or two, recognize how it will affect you before doing so.

Don’t push yourself too far too quickly when working on techniques for dealing with a panic attack. If you tend to panic when you go over a bridge in your car, start by driving by a bridge. Then try walking over the bridge, and once you can do that a few times THEN drive over the bridge. Take your time!

If you frequently suffer from panic attacks, you may want to consider acupuncture. Panic attacks stem from sensors in your brain and getting acupuncture causes these sensors to relax. If you do choose to use acupuncture, be sure to have it done more than once, as you need multiple sessions in order for it to be useful.

The anticipation before a panic attack can be worse than the panic attack itself, so it’s important to stop what you’re doing and remember that a panic attack ISN’T the end of the world! Like getting a needle or injuring your ankle, it’s a temporary discomfort which passes without incident.

That wasn’t too bad, right? Like any health problem, it takes research, a doctor and trying treatments to find something that works for you. There are times when it can seem hopeless to treat this kind of condition, but you should know that help is out there if you want it.

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