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A Guide To Ancient Chinese Acupuncture

The practice of acupuncture goes back thousands of years to ancient China. This holistic healing strategy is performed by inserting needles into varied parts of the body. The needles stimulate certain functions depending on where they are placed. Although this ancient Chinese method of healing has been practiced since B.C. Times, it’s still going robust today. Tools in ancient Chinese acupuncture included needles which were commonly crafted from bone. Today, these needles are made from metal and are disposable and sterile. They are extremely thin, solid and rounded to prevent discomfort upon insertion or during treatment.

Another generally used tool in the traditional days was the phenomenal text called the Nei Jing. Assembled between two hundred and three hundred B.C, this book is the 1st known textbook on the practice of acupuncture. The Nei Jing is split into 2 separate parts. The first part is called the Su Wen and contains 81 chapters. These chapters cover things like anatomy, pathology, disease, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, the elements of yin and yang, and more. The second part of the Nei Jing is called the Ling Shu and also contains 81 chapters. This part is all about acupuncture and contains info regarding all parts of the practice. Kinds of needles, insertion systems, bodily kick points and more are covered in this section.

The needles are of course the main tool used in the practice of acupuncture, both in ancient times and today. As previously mentioned, they were once made from bone. They were also made from stone. After that, ancient Chinese practitioners made the needles from gold, silver and bronze. Many ancient and modern practitioners used other therapies and techniques in addition to acupuncture. The utilization of herbs as healing cures were, and are, utilized for a range of illnesses. Sometimes, therapeutic massage such as reflexology or acupressure can be combined with acupuncture for the best results.

When you look at history, you see that tools in ancient Chinese acupuncture are essentially the same as those used today. Naturally, the needles used today are much thinner, better, expendable and sterile. Though modern science has not actually changed acupuncture that much, it has permitted for the alteration and upgrade of the tools used. When you take an acupuncture course or go for a treatment, you will likely learn a lot more about this form of alternative medicine and its long history.

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