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Methods To Be Followed For Mole Removal.

Mole Removal

As one of the simplest home remedies, rubbing honey regularly can do the trick. Some people also try to apply castor oil on the moles. Application can be done as much as twice in a day. Garlic is another mole removal home remedy. You can grind it in the form of a paste and apply it over the cheeks. Leave it on overnight and rinse it in the morning.
When the mole has been removed, clean the area regularly. You should keep it free from germs and microbes. When the wounded area is protected, you will observe a faster recovery. You must also be careful not to stretch that area. It is necessary to know on how to remove a mole? There are very effective mole removal laser treatments nowadays. The light that is used from the laser will mainly focus on the pigment in the moles. Once the laser light reached these pigments, it will be completely broken down. There will be a slight burning on the skin in that region. There will also be a bit of redness around the area. After the laser treatment, expect slight irritation around that area. When compared to the excision process of mole removal, this can provide a faster recovery. They do not hurt as much, too.
However, it can cause some scarring too. The excision method of mole removal has a lot of fans. This has been tried by many doctors. In excision, the use of razor-like tools is to be expected. These tools will be used to shave off the moles from your skin. This is a cauterization process that is guaranteed to be quite safe. After the moles have been treated with the sharp tools, the skin around them will be burnt or cauterized. This is to clean up any remains of the mole removed. There will be no stitching performed in this method. Though it is considered to remove the moles completely, it might leave a scar on your face. The size of the scar or its shape will be the same as the size of your mole. This process can remove your moles, but they will be replaced by scars.
Getting to know on how to remove a mole will be highly useful. In excision, the mole region will be directly cut by the doctor. This method will require some stitching. Usually there will only be few stitches. The area with stitches could be left with traces of a scar, though.
For some people, this might fade off within few years. Have your moles diagnosed, if they are harmful or benign before undergoing any type of surgery to remove them. The approach will be totally different if the mole is of the cancerous type. A small biopsy is usually performed prior to any surgery.

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