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Cinnamon Diabetes

Cinnamon has been in use since 2000 BCE in Egypt as a spice for dishes and in herbal remedies. Recent studies of cinnamon have shown that it has the potential to prevent and control type II diabetes, hamper the proliferation of cancer cells, relieve symptoms associated with arthritis, lower blood LDL cholesterol, as well as being an excellent source of dietary iron, calcium, fiber and manganese. For this article, cinnamon diabetes is the focus.

There are no specific symptoms and if they show up they are similar to those of type 2 diabetes, which are; feeling hungry and thirsty all the time, frequent urination, cuts and bruises taking long to heel and skin infection which keeps recurring.To prevent this condition from worsening or maturing to type 2 diabetes you can put yourself into a serious diet which is considered to as pre diabetes diet, let all the vegetables and fruits be your favorites, avoid simple carbohydrates like; white rice, honey or sugar from this pre diabetes diet because they will lead you to food craving which results to weight gain.

Cinnamon diabetes has proven to be advantageous when added to the treatment of type II diabetics. Studies of cinnamon diabetes, has shown cinnamon to possess an insulin-like effect on blood glucose levels. These findings have been documented by the Mayo Clinic as well as the University of California, Santa Barbara.

There are three types of diabetes, which are; type 1 diabetes caused by the body failing to produce insulin and this require the person with this type to inject insulin in the body this type is diagnosed by both adults and children , type 2 is when the cells fails to respond or to use the insulin as required, mostly it is found in those with obesity because the fats in their tissues causes imbalance of the insulin in the body, the third type is called gestational diabetes this is mostly found in pregnant women when their blood glucose level is high but only during pregnancy. Reversing diabetes is quite possible and achievable.

Taking appropriate diabetic diet, low in carbohydrates, minimum protein and rich with fiber helps cure diabetes. This reduces blood sugar, insulin level and you will not need medications. Your weight will also reduce, so will your blood pressure, thus, supporting your health and energy.

Calcium is an important mineral in treating diabetes. Not only is it used for its treatment, but also as a preventive measure for diabetes. Clinical studies have indicated that proper calcium intake significantly reduces the chances of getting type 2 diabetes. Treating diabetes using natural means is, therefore, a good way to get the benefits of natural medications that do not pose undesirable side effects as their chemical counterpart.

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