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Lichen Planus: Its Causes And Other Related Diseases

lichen planus oral

The study of the various causes of Lichen planus has been widely researched and delved into by medical and scientific personalities over the years. The Lichen planus in question here is a condition that typically manifests through dry, lichen-like skin formations (hence the name). Aside from the skin, it also occurs at the tongue. It pretty much affects any part of the body where there is skin. Yet at other times, the condition affects the oral mucosa.

Many have made the mistake that lichens have a huge role to play in this condition, hence the name. That is not quite right. If you are thinking about those fungi-like growths known as lichens and think they cause Lichen planus, then you will be mistaken. Instead of causing the disease, the name is used mainly to describe the condition. This state of affairs can, admittedly, be confusing. After all, most of us are of the belief that when the name of a microorganism is used in a disease’s name, then it is because it is what causes the said disease. But that is not the case with Lichen planus. You need not be afraid of the lichens that grow on tree trunks because they are not responsible for Lichen planus appearing in most people. But the condition does manifest through Lichen-like formations in the affected body parts.

Most of the work that has been done towards identifying the core causes of Lichen planus hasn’t been exactly successful, in terms of identifying the specific causative agent (pathogen). But although they failed to identify the core causes, they did manage to identify some things that are related to the disease. Their association with Lichen planus has been very close that it can be inferred that they actually cause the condition as well.

Lichen planus, as observed by many, seem to arise when certain drugs or medications are ingested or taken. It would seem that it is the allergic reaction to such medications which ultimately causes the condition. Those who are getting treatments for arthritis and other chronic heart diseases display high incidences of Lichen planus. Patients who are also getting treatment for high blood pressure and are taking drugs for them also have Lichen planus.

When it comes to the disease known as Hepatitis C, one of the symptoms is Lichen planus. This is especially the case if the infection with the hepatitis C virus is chronic, where Lichen planus may be seen as a ‘complication.’ If one is suffering from the condition called Grinspan’s Syndrome, he or she can also expect Lichen planus to be one of the symptoms.

People who happen to have chronic ‘graft versus host’ disease can also present with Lichen planus, especially when they also happen to be under stress. If they have amalgam dental fillings, they are also most likely to have Lichen planus than people who don’t. It is also common to see children with hypothyroidism having Lichen planus.

The ones discussed above are only a few of the many main causes of Lichen planus that occur to people.

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