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Oral Lichen Planus And The Distress It Brings To Patients

Lichen Planus

Distress is a common feeling shared by patients who are currently suffering from the condition called lichen planus tongue. Before we get into those two reasons, however, let us first try to find out what we could about this condition called oral lichen planus. This is where we will come to learn that it is a condition which manifests through formations on the skin that, at some level, resemble the organisms that are known as lichens. They specifically resemble the organisms known as lichens in the sense that they are normally dark colored, and considerably hard (in terms of texture). We come to learn that this condition can manifest in many parts of the body, with one of those being the oral zone. Naturally, any patient who starts manifesting these skin formations on their oral zone would feel more than a little distressed. But why do many people find it more disturbing and distressing to have lichen planus appear on the oral zone more than the other areas of the body? The first reason why patients find it particularly distressing to have oral lichen planus is the fact that the oral zone is very conspicuous and any growths on it are glaringly obvious. Once a person develops lichen planus in his or her mouth, it is very hard to hide it (unless one opts to take a solemn and strictly observed vow of absolute silence for the duration of the illness). People would definitely have a hard time missing it, and a stigma has already been attached to people suffering from this condition because most people immediately assume that it is a condition worse than it actually is.

The second reason as to why patients with oral lichen planus tend to be very distressed is something to do wit the fact that the condition (in that particular manifestation) can greatly interfere with people’s lives. There are times when people experience lichen planus to such an extent that they would find themselves having difficulty speaking. It becomes harder to simply just speak, and even eat and drink. Basically, anything involving the use of the mouth or tongue becomes a pain to do.

If a patient with oral lichen planus wants to be free from distress and have it treated, it is important that he go through a lot of relevant counseling and guidance first. They would have to be counseled and made aware of the fact that managing their oral lichen planus condition is entirely feasible. Do not lose hope simply because conventional medicine does not hold any sort of cure for oral lichen planus. Given the right medication, you could still control it. It is understandable how a lot of patients are concerned about their lives becoming messed up by this condition. Such patients need to be counseled, and shown that, with the right interventions, lichen planus is usually a transient (swiftly passing) condition. A courageous physician may also alert them to the fact that although conventional medicine lacks cures for this condition, there are definitely some alternative therapies that are known to bring near-permanent relief.

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