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The magical moment for a parent is to hold their new born baby in their hands and admire. The fertility of both parents makes it easy or difficult to enjoy this moment as successfully getting pregnant is a very balanced combination of hormone levels of estrogens and testosterones. If one of the parent suffers from infertility or goes through the problem of fertility which could be because of several reasons like lifestyle issues, stress, overweight, underweight etc. There are other conditions like endometriosis, thyroid issues, sperm conditions, polycystic ovary syndrome which can affect fertility of either parent. Human behavior and habits also affect the fertility process.

Herbs for the hopeful mother are an important element of fertility. The Chinese have always supported treatment with herbs. Key herbs for women include chasteberry, which regulates menstruation, and red raspberry leaf, which prevents miscarriage. Combined with essential vitamins, and minerals like zinc and iron, these herbs can boost female fertility.

Many different fertility problems can influence the chances of getting pregnant, and these include both, those that can be controlled by human behavior and habits and those that cannot. The biggest problem that couples face is trying to figure out the underlying cause of their infertility. Fertility problems can be divided into lifestyle or health problems.

Chinese fertility herbs and a proper diet can help your body regulate the delicate balance of estrogen and progesterone that is vital to conception. Recent clinical studies have proven that chasteberry, one of the most widely used Chinese fertility herbs, is effective in women with progesterone deficiency. Because fat cells produce estrogen, a diet which helps you attain a healthy weight is an essential complement to the use of Chinese fertility herbs. It will improve your energy levels and immunity too.

The next fertility test that you can do is saliva ferning. This is a fertility test in which you simply place spit on a microscope and let it dry. When it dries, if it forms a fern pattern, you are nearing ovulation. It is important not to do this fertility test after eating, drinking or smoking.

An excellent alternative to changing the diet to include all the necessary vitamins, minerals, and herbs for fertility for both men and women is the Mothers Hope product. This all-natural vitamin taken daily by both men and women improves hormone levels and conception. The sperm count and production for men is increased. Female hormones are leveled, ovulation increases, the uterus is strengthened, and the chances of carrying the baby to full term are increased. This product of herbs for fertility for men includes acetyl-L-carnitine, L-carnitine, vitamins B12 and E, zinc, selenium, and Coenzyme Q-10. The product of herbs for fertility for women includes vitamin C, iron, zinc, selenium, red raspberry leaf, and chaste berry. This product is less expensive than fertility treatments, provide results within two to three months, and eliminates the risk of breast or ovarian cancer from fertility treatments. These herbs for fertility do not cause any side effects and will increase the overall health of the individuals.

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