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Three Places Intelligent Women Get Stuck When It Comes To Emotional Eating And The Scale

There’s a sad secret that too many smart, busy, successful ladies share. They feel past the point of control control with their eating or the number on the scale (or both) and they are frustrated that they can’t seem to get a handle on it. Beyond feeling irritated, many also feel embarrassed or overwhelmed.

Overeating struggles are fairly common when you live a busy, high- power life, but most who are experiencing them feel alone and humiliated. Successful girls may banter at lunch about health and weight and calories, but they don't regularly talk openly about emotional eating or feeling out of control with food.

I’ve talked to many leaders executives, and even successful coaches and leaders who share that they sometimes smile and pretend they don't truly care about the extra pounds or their eating. They hide frustration that they can’t make an impact in this one area, when on the inside, it’s eroding their confidence and taking up far too much energy.

Overeating and emotional eating are gigantic concerns for a lot of busy women. For many , turning to food goes hand in hand with an overly hectic schedule, stress, and never feeling like you have enough time. And sadly , too frequently, when smart high-achievers attempt to make a change, they fall prey to a few mistakes that have a tendency to keep them stuck.

Here are three places that smart girls get stuck when talking of emotional eating, overeating, weightloss, and making peace with food:

High-achievers frequently work harder rather than smarter. If you are someone who is used to taking on gigantic projects and making results occur, than you are not scared of a little hard work. When you fail at something, it may be routine to believe that next time you just need to apply more effort, hit it harder, or have more discipline. The difficulty is, this only works if your methodology or route to achievement is a good one. Most people struggling with overeating and emotional eating stay stuck because their approach isn’t effective. Pushing harder in the wrong direction only leads to frustration, exhaustion, and failure.

Successful women often feel bashful or embarrassed about struggles with food and overeating so they try alone. This becomes far more likely if you're also telling yourself you aren't working diligently enough or do not have enough discipline. The sweet truth is that frequently, a fresh point of view and a new and better approach can change a lot-and it nearly always requires less force and tough work than you were possibly applying before.

Successful busy women bite off a lot. You could have achieved what you have because of your ability to think and act enormous. Never-the- less (and especially when your life is busy), change is more successful when you take tiny, do-able steps. This may be exceptionally tough to feel satisfied with, in the short run, if you're familiar with moving mountains. Nevertheless long term, your new habits and strategies are more likely to paste when you make changes in digestible chunks and let yourself tweak as you go along.

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