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Why The Ultimate Cure For Lichen Planus Is Still Out Of Reach

cure for lichen planus

The quest for a Lichen planus cure that actually works 100% has been met with very little success, even in the field of conventional medicine. This has resulted to Lichen planus being identified as a condition that can be treated but not ultimately cured, at least in conventional medicine’s circles. Let us draw a definitive line between conventional and alternative medicine in this case. You see, there are branches of alternative medicine that seem to have found a cure of Lichen planus. For instance, there’s the Ayuverda system from the East and, of course, homeopathy. However, in conventional medicine, a Lichen planus cure is still quite out of reach. And a question naturally arises, as to why a definitive cure for Lichen planus remains elusive. That is what we will try to figure out in this topic.

The key reason as to why a definitive Lichen planus cure remains elusive is in the fact that no single pathogen has been identified as the causative agent behind Lichen planus. It is also hard to identify the condition with certain processes in one’s physiology. Thus, the Lichen planus cure that everybody needs is very difficult to find, what with all these factors of uncertainty involved.

As we mentioned though, the fact that there is no definitive Lichen planus cure in conventional medicine doesn’t mean that the condition goes unaddressed. A cure might prove to be elusive, but that does not mean there are no ways to lessen the discomfort or the symptoms. Many successful treatments have been devised towards that end. Lichen planus is basically an inflammatory condition, and most of the treatments we have in conventional medicine are meant to help with the inflammation. Typically, once the inflammation is dealt with, the patient is considered as good as cured. However, there is still a risk that the symptoms could recur at a later date, so it cannot be considered a cure. Thus, the whole thing can at best be termed as a ‘treatment’ rather than a ‘cure’.

When it comes to reducing or getting rid of the inflammation, patients have the option of making use of drug-based treatments for their Lichen planus or treatments that are not drug-based. It is an either-or situation, because one is normally not allowed to use a drug-based treatment and a non-drug treatment at the same time.

Treatment of Lichen planus using drug-based methods can be likened to the treatment one would normally use for any other inflammatory condition. You might be familiar with the steroids line, which is a normal approach for these types of treatments. It would be up to you whether you choose steroids that are taken orally or applied topically. Retinoids have also shown some usefulness, when it comes to treatment of Lichen planus. Others have also used hydroxychloroquine and dapsone and experienced great results. All these deal with the inflammation associated with Lichen planus, thus ameliorating the symptoms, rather than curing the condition completely.

Now, we move on to the non-drug treatments. One option that people could use in eliminating the inflammation would be phototherapy. Phototherapy uses Ultraviolet B or UVB narrowband to carry out the treatment. Supplements like Aloe vera have also been seen to be successful in dealing with the inflammation associated with Lichen planus.

Those, in a nutshell, are the ways in which conventional medicine deals with Lichen planus. However, if you are brave enough, you might want to try some of the alternative medicine methods to cure your Lichen planus.

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