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The Point Of Living Is Joy

Joy is a very high space, the highest. And it is our pathway in this lifetime to move as rapidly as practical toward it. When we do not, we simply languish.

We let fear, guilt, indecision, a sense of loss, solitude, and the empty feeling of not being enough pervade us. Yet that isn't the point of life.

The point of life, Dear Friend, really is to move as rapidly as practical toward joy. Then we are liquid, alive, and absolutely engaged. All five senses are working for us as we move naturally towards what we most extremely desire. We are living our purpose cleanly and effortlessly. We are not lost- we are found! And so we start to know God.

Ironically, many of the religions of this life impose their rules of iniquity on us and plunge us into guilt. And so remove us from our deepest experiences of God. Yet even without faith we will be able to do that job for ourselves. We believe we're not to be trusted. For then we intend to mire ourselves in all the damaging experiences of life. We are going to become nothing apart from greedy devourers and gutbuckets; we're going to lose our character, our spine, our bravery!

They fear we're going to be lost forever from our sacred humbleness.

Ah, but dear one, when you move with commitment towards that which you love, you become far more humble! For then you fall head over heels in love with life. Your delight becomes so robust then you are no longer obsessive about suffering, and your own needy wish to find one little grain of goodness.

Instead you naturally start to turn towards others with pure love. And so you do, indeed, discover your holy humbleness.

Then you're no longer all about your wounds, your unhappiness, and the injustices you suffered at such an early age. You are no longer a woeful story but instead you become a radiant being. And so you are sent to the grace of God, and thus know the eternal peace that's the point of life.

Now we are at the point in time in which everyone are being invited to understand this greater Grace. And to do that one simply must become glowing again to allow joy to become the point. This is precisely what has happened now as much moves around in the world, and we are delivered into a new time-space continuum.

We are shifting as the Earth shifts; our attunement is being tightened up one or two notches, like holes being added to a favourite old leather belt. But we are suspicious of this joyous new technique of being, for we were taught so long back not to trust it.

We believe that it'll leave as fast as we do “all the work” needed to get it. Or that it won't serve us well. Or even more , that we don't deserve to live in joy. Suffering seems so very much more familiar and right, somehow, doesn't it? And so we keep “trying” to get to joy – but we keep getting stuck in an inexpensive imitation marked by doubt and a vague sense of guilt.

Ah, but dear chums, creating a path toward what you actually need for yourself simply must occur now. For without it, you will lose the greatest opportunity of your life. It requires bravery, of course. You've got to take positions and make requests that may come as a surprise to a few of the people or be deeply annoying.

You will lose 1 or 2 friends along the way and become less popular with those you once considered pals. Yet, perhaps they were voices in the wind who supported your personal constraints. Maybe they also know the so-called security of staying small in self-limitation and so they urge you to hang on to yours out of self-preservation.

Do not be scared, dear one. You can have trust in your exhilaration. That is why it was sent to you in the first instance. You can trust the fine-tuned crosshairs of your dream because it knows exactly where to go and what to do. And it will inform you as you go. Your only job is to receive.

For you aren't as alone as you believe. There is a heavenly chorus of angels, archangels and the realm of God looking over your shoulder as you go. And there is your own extreme, sweet soul wishing for after you would listen.

But will you? Because if you do, you have nothing less to find out than the dominion of heaven made manifest on Earth. That's what we're all up to this time, at this time, in this world.

Are you able to permit yourself to appear to become the being you truly are?

Because accept it or not, for you to become anything less really would be a disappointment to us all. You matter, dear friend, more than you can imagine. And all that you must do at the day's close is tune in, determine what you wish, and go for it with all of your heart.

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