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Why Urticaria Treatments Are Not As Simple As We’d Want Them To Be

urticaria treatment

For those who are undergoing treatments for the condition called urticaria, there are five factors that can be readily identified that makes the whole thing an ordeal for them. Many people are not really familiar with what urticaria is, until they have been informed that it is the medical name for that condition they are actually familiar with: hives. It is not something grave or life-threatening. In fact, many people are even predisposed to accepting that they are going to have to live with it for the rest of their lives.

Urticaria treatments become even more of a challenge primarily because of the fact that no specific causative agent could be identified as the cause of the condition. This is the first factor. Mostly it is identified as one of those physiological malfunctions whose main cause cannot really be pinpointed exactly. It would have been better if there is a specific pathogen identified because the treatment could start at getting rid of that pathogen. That is still difficult, but at least you have somewhere to start. When it comes to dealing with a condition that has all the hallmarks of an autoimmune reaction, things get a bit tricky.

The second factor that makes treatment of urticaria a rather challenging undertaking is the fact that it is a condition with multiple triggers. Some people have their bouts with urticaria upon exposure to certain allergens. However, urticaria can also arise even by triggers that have nothing whatsoever to do with allergic reactions. One person can have urticaria and you would have a hard time finding out what causes the urticaria. And the management of the condition is virtually impossible without the identification of the triggers. This condition does not have universal treatments either. You would have to identify the triggers for your condition and make use of some management strategies to pull a rein on those triggers.

The third thing or factor that renders the treatment of urticaria very daunting for many people is the presence of many triggers in one person or patient. Identifying the trigger does not automatically mean you will be able to put a handle on it. It could be that once you were able to manage one trigger, there would be another one to take its place. A person’s predisposition to urticaria is the one constant through the whole thing. When it comes to the specific triggers, they can change ‘ even for the same person.

It could also be that the condition is not diagnosed properly or correctly. Thus, treating urticaria does not go as smoothly as we want. When you think about it, this does not apply to urticaria alone. Erroneous clinical diagnosis is a stumbling block in all medical conditions.

The last factor that is deemed to be a hurdle that people who are treating urticaria is facing is the fact that patients could eventually become resistant to prolonged treatments for the condition. Thus, in a given patient, the trigger may be successfully identified, a management strategy put in place – only for that management strategy’s efficacy to decline as time goes on.


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