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Resveratrol Source

Resveratrol is a compound found in the skin of red wine and a plant called Japanese knotweed which decreases and even reverses the effects of aging. This remarkable compound has been studied extensively because of anti-aging properties, cancer prevention, and blood sugar control. To have the desired effects, adequate amounts of resveratrol must be consumed. The resveratrol source is important for intake of adequate amounts of this amazing substance.

Benefits of the anti-aging Resveratrol pill: 1. Counteracts the effects of a diet high in fat. 2. Increases energy and longevity. 3. Lowers glucose levels. 4. Burns body fat. 5. Raises metabolic rate. 6. Lowers the risk of diseases related to the heart. 7. Rids the likelihood of diseases related to aging, including cancer and Alzheimers.

-Brain Function: Recent studies seem to indicate that Resveratrol has a positive impact on your brain function. This includes helping to give you an improved memory, and better ability to learn more quickly. It is even possible that Resveratrol may help slow the progression of crippling diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Resveratrol is the ingredient in red wine that is credited for being responsible for fighting aging with it’s antioxidant properties, cancer, and even heart disease. Eastern cultures use resveratol to treat disease that attach the liver, blood vessels and the heart. Now everyone can buy resveratrol to help treat their ailments or to use as preventative medicine to keep dangerous diseases from infecting their precious organs.

The resveratrol content of the wine is generally related to the amount of time the grape skins remain in the wine during fermentation. That is why the resveratrol content in red wine is much higher that that of white wine. With white wine, the skins are taken out much earlier. Unfortunately, grape juice does not contain much resveratrol.

If youre considering adding Resveratrol to your daily diet, try to find a formula which guarantees an effective percentage of trans Resveratrol per capsule, such as WINE-RX. The actual amount of trans Resveratrol per capsule can vary significantly from one company to the next, with 50 percent being typical. See http://winerx.org/ for more information about guaranteed percentages of trans Resveratrol.

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