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Substituting Milk

Even people who aren't necessarily curious about a vegan diet are looking at milk substitutes, as more and more people appear to be lactose sensitive, or are trying to find a low calorie option. Milk can simply be substituted in both cooking and in baking without changing the recipe, and it can be worth the lower calorie count. There are several options to choose from, but I am certain that you will find the correct solution for you.

Soy Milk

The original milk subsitute. I think soy milk has a bad rap these days and I am not sure if it’s because it did not taste nice when it initially came out, or because people are just typically afraid of things that are different. Soy milk comes in a range of variations, from original soy milk to vanilla and chocolate. I think original soy milk is sweet on its own, so I don’t get why anybody would wish to drink vanilla. But I also just do not like vanilla. Soy milk is more like skim milk than whole milk but just slightly sweet. Because of this I have always liked to put it in my coffee. It is a neat idea for someone that wants something in their coffee without adding sugar or plenty of calories.

Silk Soy Milk

Vanilla 100 cals, 45% of your daily calcium 6g protein
Chocolate 140 cals, 30% of your daily calcium 5g protein
Original 90 cals, 45% of your daily calcium 6g protein

Almond Milk

This will be a biased summary, because I adore almond milk. It , like soy milk, comes in a variety of flavors: original, unsweetened, vanilla, and chocolate. I stick to unsweetened, but I just typically do not like to drink things that are sweet. I love almond milk because it has even lower calories than soy milk, and contains more calcium than regular milk. Like soy milk, it is light and tastes similar to skim milk. In reality the unsweetened variety is virtually identical to skim or nonfat milk.

Silk Almond Milk

Original 60 cals. 45% of your daily calcium 1g protein
Vanilla 90 cals, 45% of your daily calcium 1g protein
Dark chocolate 120 cals, 45% of your daily calcium 1g protein
Unsweetened 30 cals, 45% of your daily calcium 1 g protein

Coconut Milk

I haven’t tasted coconut milk yet, but coconut seems to be pretty popular right now. I recently had some ice cream made with coconut milk, so I’d be willing to give it a try. Anyhow, here’s the information on coconut milk, for comparison.

Silk Coconut Milk

Original 80 cals, 45% of your daily calcium 1g protein
Vanilla 90 cals, 45% of your daily calcium 1g protein


The calorie, calcium and protein information I noted above are the same brand, so it shouldn't be a shock that all of them basically offer the same amount of calcium. Soy milk clearly offers more protein and almond milk is low-calorie. In all, it truly is up to your personal preference.

Cathy Roosa is a vegan and makes a contribution to several web sites.

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