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Trans Resveratrol

Resveratrol is a popular product of today to help us fight the aging process. It is found in the seeds, stems and skins of grapes. It means you get the benefits of red wine without having the alcohol or calories.

With clinical studies still restricted primarily to dosage in mice and insects, there have been no definitive standards set for human dosage. Studies conducted on humans for Resveratrol dosage remain limited, so established guidelines have not yet been produced.

Resveratrol is a chemical known as a photochemical. Photochemicals are a lot like many other antioxidants in that they provide protection for different parts of your body. Resveratrol is known for preventing certain diseases. The most interesting thing about resveratrol is that resveratrol is one of the healthy components that you can find in red wine. Within red wine there are three different types of antioxidants. One of these antioxidants is resveratrol. The other two are called polyphenols and anthrocynadins. Though you have probably heard the most about polyphenols, resveratrol is one of the most powerful antioxidants known to man. It is over 45 times more effective than Vitamin C. It provides protection against blood clotting, cancer, aging and diseases of bodily inflammation including (eczema, arthritis and other conditions). There are not many other antioxidants that are as powerful as resveratrol.

If you are guilty of not consuming the best diet, your heart may be the jeopardizing factor. High fatty foods can wreak havoc on the entire body, including the heart. Resveratrol may be just the thing you are looking for to help keep your heart from being affected by the foods that you eat. This does not give you a green light to go out and eat high fatty foods, but if you are having a hard time refraining, it can help to ward off the ugly side effects of this behavior.

This antioxidant supplement works to neutralize free radicals, which are dangerous to have in the body because they are unstable molecules. Left untouched, they transform other molecules of the cell into free radicals as well, eventually leading to disruption of cellular activity. This can have a wide variety of harmful effects. If DNA molecules are damaged in key places, the cell may no longer know when to stop multiplying. This is how cancer can begin. Free radicals can also harm the mitochondria, which are energy-production sites of the cell, and this causes cells to die and thus advance the aging process. Free radicals can even lead to heart disease by damaging cells located within the walls of arteries. Luckily, resveratrol works as an antioxidant which stabilizes these dangerous free radicals, preventing them from causing further damage.

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