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Diabetes Natural Cure

Are you suffering form diabetes? Would you like to know about a diabetes natural cure? Many people are suffering form this health condition and do not even realize it. Diabetes is the number one health concern in our nation. Diabetes can lead to heart disease, stroke and a host of other problems. The cause of diabetes can be from heredity poor diet or being overweight. There is a diabetes natural cure you should know about.

Studies have shown that adults who have the highest amounts of diabetes supplements vitamin K in their daily diets have the lowest chances of developing type-2 diabetes. The good thing is that vitamin K can be found in two natural forms, that is K1 and K2. Vitamin K1 is plenty in green leafy vegetables, vegetable oils and soybeans. Vitamin K2 can be found in meat cheese and eggs. It has since been recommended in the US than women should consume atleast 90mcg and men not less than 120mcg of both K1 and K2. Therefore people who eat these natural diabetes supplements foods will definitely rope in diabetes problem.

diabetes type II occurs most commonly in people older than 30 years old who are obese the main goal of diabetes treatment is to normalize insulin activity and blood glucose level to reduce the development of vascular naturopathic complications they are five component of diabetes management nutritional management, exercise, monitoring, pharmacologic therapy, education. Nutritional therapy is the corner stone of care for the person with diabetes the goals of nutritional management includes providing all the essential food constituents necessary for optimal nutrition, meeting energy needs, achieving and maintaining reasonable weight preventing, wide daily fluctuations in the blood glucose levels, decreasing serum lipid levels, if elevated to reduce the risk of macro vascular.

Ginseng is one of the popular herbs for diabetes because it contains potent antioxidants in it that help improve the release of insulin and has the ability to lower and normalize blood sugar levels. This herbal remedy is a good herbal treatment for people with type 2 diabetes.

The type of diabetes treatment prescribed by a physician depends greatly on the type that one has. People that have Type 1 diabetes have to take insulin because their bodies do not produce enough of it. Those who Type 2 diabetes have to take medications that lower blood sugar called oral hypoglycemics, but they may or many not have to take insulin. Women that develop diabetes during their pregnancy usually have to take anti-diabetic drugs along with insulin for their diabetes treatment.

Researchers have evidence that the bitter melon extract in bitter melon diabetes acts on the diabetics system to actually produce insulin. The effect is considered a treatment for Type I diabetes mellitus. Also, the chemical substance in bitter melon has been shown to prevent the uptake of glucose in the lining of the intestines. This effect lowers the level of glucose in the blood by decreasing the absorption of glucose in the intestines. The chemical agent in bitter melon diabetes as in the bitter melon that has the hypoglycemic property is a polypeptide-p found in the melon. The agent acts just like natural insulin in humans.

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