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Vaginal Prolapse Surgery Information

More women have undergone different types of surgery for vaginal prolapse treatment; yet many of them had failed to ask about its safety. Many of these patients have chosen to go with vaginal mesh insertion, but they do not know if there are consequences of this procedure.

Before going through with any procedure, especially invasive ones, patients must know every information about it. The most relevant facts will be explained by the physician. But there may be a need for them to ask more information. Since patients are hesitant to share their embarrassing experiences, they most likely find it difficult to talk about their operation. Patients are given the privilege to be well-informed of the operation before they are subjected to it.


If you and your doctor are considering surgery for your prolapse treatment, the first thing that you should know is the name of the surgery being planned. Ask your physician the significance of this particular therapy, its duration, advantages, and the possible consequences that might occur if you delay treatment.


Even when your doctor thinks that surgery is the best therapy for your condition, always inquire if there are non-surgical or less invasive options available for you and ask about its possible outcomes and setbacks. At the same time, ask what will be done next if this procedure does not work.


Ask about the preparations that need to be done prior to surgery, like specific tests for medical clearance, physical activities that are encouraged, and others. Also inform your doctor about any medications that you are currently taking.


The techniques used in doing the operation and the medical devices that need to be lodged into the body such as a synthetic mesh should be discussed. Likewise, be informed about the type of anesthetics that will be administered to you, how long will the procedure last, and what are the complications that may arise during and after the surgery.


It is also a must that you inquire about your doctor’s expertise on the handling of this procedure. Whenever possible, it might be helpful to learn from other patients’ experience with the same doctor. If you think your doctor’s knowledge of your condition is not enough, you may look for another physician with more experience and whom you are comfortable with.


Not all patients who have gone through a mesh implantation had a successful operation just read the Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuit Blog. There are many women who had acquired minor complications, but some have been greatly affected for life. However, it is also true that individual patients have distinct reactions to this surgical procedure. In relation to this matter, it is always best to learn more about the surgery before proceeding with it.








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