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Asthma Home May Be Found In Plentiful Supply In Your Kitchen Cupboards

Those who suffer from allergic reactions that lead to a hard time breathing can find some relief using items found in most everyday kitchens. These common items can help people control their condition because of the natural properties found in certain foods. These are asthma home remedies that many people often overlook using when they start to feel poorly and want some relief. They are effective when used in conjunction with those prescribed by their doctor.

The refrigerator is a great place to find things that lessen the impact of an attack where the lungs feel like they are about to stop working. Chili peppers are known to open up the airways when eaten. Scientists think this is because the peppers help the body create fluids in the respiratory passages. This helps the mucus building up inside the passages to be coughed out. When the mucus is expended a person can breath easier.

The bronchioles lining use Vitamin C as the main antioxidant in their linings. When one drinks about three cups of orange juice per day a person can help reduce the wheezing associated with asthma. Other items that produce similar results are broccoli, blue berries, and strawberries.

Foods that come from the ocean are also a valuable resource that one can tap into to help them ease their symptoms of asthma. Omega 3 fatty acids are particular precious at helping a sufferer live a healthier life. Seafood like tuna, sardines, salmon, and mackerel all carry the acid in adequate supply to help a person. There has been research which suggests that these foods also assist a person in avoiding this type of ailment completely.

Coffee can produce good results in preventing breathing attacks and controlling them when they do occur. Caffeine is known to cause the bronchioli to dilate and make it easier for air to flow through them. This is especially true for those who drink coffee regularly and can get the caffeine built up in their system. However, the benefit seems to max out at three cups a day. Also, children should not be given coffee as the effects are not the same and could be dangerous.

Some produce can act as an agent against the lungs becoming inflamed when they are irritated. Onions are particular useful to providing this benefit. However, one may want to cook them first since they can also irritate the air passages when consumed raw. When they are cooked they help prevent the airway from becoming constricted that reduces oxygen flowing into the lungs.

Using cheesecloth to catch any debris and dust floating throughout the room can be very beneficial. The best way to use these are to place over the vents of the air handling systems. When the central air or furnace is turned on, these cheesecloth sheets will absorb the dust that is forced onto them and removed from circulation.

There are many things that a person can find inside the home to help them alleviate the problems that they might be having with certain breathing problems. Many natural products found in the kitchen are good to use on an everyday basis. These natural asthma home remedies foods have proven to be very effective in preventing attacks or helping a person suffering from one feel better.


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