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Herbs For Diabetes

Diabetes affects millions of people all over the world every year. This disease causes glucose to accumulate in the bloodstream. When there is too much glucose in the bloodstream, it can cause damage to organs and nerves. If diabetes does not get treatment in time, it can cause you to loose a limb leaving you disable, or worse your life. However, diabetes is treatable using proper medications and diet. If you are looking for a natural approach, there are even herbs for diabetes treatment. Herbs are effective for treating diabetes and without harsh side effects. Some of those herbs for diabetes are blueberry leaves, ginseng, gingko biloba, cinnamon and fenugreek.

diabetes type II occurs most commonly in people older than 30 years old who are obese the main goal of diabetes treatment is to normalize insulin activity and blood glucose level to reduce the development of vascular naturopathic complications they are five component of diabetes management nutritional management, exercise, monitoring, pharmacologic therapy, education. Nutritional therapy is the corner stone of care for the person with diabetes the goals of nutritional management includes providing all the essential food constituents necessary for optimal nutrition, meeting energy needs, achieving and maintaining reasonable weight preventing, wide daily fluctuations in the blood glucose levels, decreasing serum lipid levels, if elevated to reduce the risk of macro vascular.

Below are some symptoms of diabetes and preventive measures on how to cure the disease: weight loss, feeling hungry regularly, fatigue, extremely dry skin, sores which are slow to heal, urinating frequently, numbness in hands or feet, poor circulation of blood resulting to swelling of the body, excessive thirst, sleepless nights.

A reaction to eating the raw bitter melon fruit that has been investigated is a hypoglycemic reaction. The bitter melon fruit has lectin like bitter melon diabetes which lowers the level of blood glucose by linking with insulin receivers and acts like insulin in the brain by suppressing appetite. The effect of bitter melon as a natural diabetes treatment in bitter melon diabetes offers hope to those who suffer from the 6Th largest fatality causing disease, diabetes. A bitter melon gourd called Momordica charantia in bitter melon diabetes is used in the treatment of the disease known as diabetes mellitus.

Having a strict diet with diabetes food is great. Eating diabetes food has a rich nutrients and low calories. Diabetes food increase the risk of heart problems. So it is best to stay away from food that have sodium, and fats and build on diabetes food. You can have a good meal while on a diabetes food. To keep your blood sugar low you will need to stay on top of counting your carbohydrates. Diabetes food does not cost more. People that don’t have diabetes, can have a healthy life eating diabetes food also. Don’t be afraid to try diabetes food.

Type 1 diabetes is a non reversing diabetes because it is caused by the person’s pancreas not producing insulin at all and the only way to manage it is by injecting insulin, by pancreas transplantation surgery that is done to restore glucose regulation although considered by many reversing diabetes physicians to be very dangerous, lastly there is islet transplantation which is commonly used today, whereby beta cell are replaced by injecting islet cells into the patient’s liver.For the other two types of diabetes you can reverse if the patient follow the advice given in this article.

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